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Overgrown Shrubs Removed Right Next To House Foundation

Today we’re doing shrub removal. There are honeysuckle and crabapple bushes lined up on two sides of the customer’s house, and we need to remove them. The bushes have become really overgrown and don’t produce fruit, so there’s really no reason to keep them around anymore. Trimming bushes and shrubs is one of our specialties at Schott Services, so if you need foliage on your property removed, call today! Reach us at 317-784-8760 or at and we’ll give you a free price estimate. Every job is different but we're sure we’ll be able to help you with your landscaping needs.

Eliminating these overgrown bushes is no problem for us. All it takes is a mini skid steer and our stump bucket. This attachment is like a wedge for uprooting stumps, but it also works on small trees like the ones in this video. We simply dig into the earth with the stump bucket, and then apply force with the mini skid steer’s loader arms. The bushes pop right out with this method! Once the shrubs are out of the ground, we use our mini skid steer grapple attachment to pick them up and load them onto our truck. Now all that’s left to do is to clean up any stubborn roots that didn’t go with the bushes.

Using a hand rake we can expose the hidden roots and get them out of the ground, leaving behind rich ground that new grass can grow in. The removed foliage and roots will be taken to a green recycling center where they will be used to make compost and other associated products. Have some overgrown foliage in your backyard? Get in touch with at 317-784-8760 or at and we’ll take care of them for you quickly and easily!

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