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Mini Skid Steer Magic Making Trash Disappear!

There’s a heap of old cracked wood, lying on the ground. In addition to the wood, there are rusty nails, shattered roof shingles, and stripped screws lying in the dirt too. This is currently piled up in our customer’s backyard. This garbage is what’s left of an old miniature barn. It was demolished, leaving all this junk behind. The debris has made our customer’s beautiful backyard look like a landfill! Not only does this collection of trash make our customer's backyard look bad, it also poses a serious threat to our customer’s health. All it would take is one plank catching fire for the whole mound to go up in flames. That’s pretty dangerous. And the wood isn’t the only problem here. It would be bad news if someone got snagged on one of the rusty nails in this pile, because there are likely tetanus bacteria growing on them. In addition to this, the accumulation of trash violates Indianapolis city law. Clearly, this garbage needs to go. But how can we get rid of it?

To remove all this trash by hand would take tons of time. It would also be dangerous because of the rusty nails and splinters from the wood. So what do we do? Well, we use our mini skid steer of course! This capable landscaping machine can quickly and easily pick up the trash for hauling. We use the black joystick to control the movement of the skid steer, and the blue stick to operate the loader arms. With precise movements and expert control we maneuver the mini skid steer back and forth, moving material from the pile to the truck. Using the mini skid steer to remove the trash, we get this job done in a few hours! In the end, our customer’s yard is back to normal and isn’t cluttered by trash anymore. Need some junk removed? For a free price estimate just call us at 317-784-8760 or email us at

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