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Massive Backyard Deck Removal To Clear Way For Pool!

Our customer today has a huge backyard deck they want removed. What makes this deck different from most is that it has a big hexagonal pavilion connected to the deck. We’re going to remove this so the customer can have an inground pool put in. We remove decks all the time, so if you’re interested in getting your deck removed, call us at 317-784-8760 or email us at and we’ll remove it for you!

The first step is to take up the wooden fence that encloses the pavilion. With a chainsaw and some determination, we’re able to cut the wood up and take down the fence. Once all the planks from the fence are piled up on the ground, we pick them up with our mini skid steer grapple and take them to our truck. The next step is to clear out the wooden floor. We saw through the wood with our chainsaw again and pick up the wooden pieces with our grapple. Now it’s time to take down the roof.

We have to be extremely careful when taking down the roof. One wrong move, and the heavy ceiling could tumble down onto us! With this in mind, we slash the wood supports with our chainsaw at strategic angles to orient the ceiling away from us as it falls. The roof crashes to the ground, with an emphatic crunch!

Now that the roof is out of the picture, we can get started removing the other parts of the deck. The wooden path leading to the house is first. Our technique of sawing and then grappling work great here, and we’re successful in removing all the other wood.

All that’s left to remove the structure is to dig out the foundational beams. These wooden supports are rooted deep in the ground, so we need to use our stump bucket to dig them out. Normally used to take out stumps, the stump bucket is like a crowbar that uses leverage to uproot stuff in the ground. We use it here to dig out the wood.

Finally, we use our grapple to pick up all the remaining wreckage, and we’re done! Now a pool can be installed in our customer’s backyard. Want a deck removal? We’re the right choice for the job! With over 20 years experience in the landscaping field and a five-star rating on Google, we at Schott Services are pros at this kind of work. Call today at 317-784-8760 or email us at and we’ll remove the deck for you!

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