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Gravel Driveway Repair- How To!

If you live in Indianapolis, IN and you have a gravel driveway...and it needs repaired. Stop, Dial 317-784-8760 and call Schott Services!

In this video, I take a worn out gravel driveway and make it new again. It's a fairly easy process with the right tools. Power raking the driveway before spreading a new layer of #8 driveway stone is essential in getting all of the bumps and bruises smoothed out. This ensures that your new layer of stone is smooth as a babies bottom! I know how smooth that is because my wife and I just had baby #8 recently!

I am a family man, southside local serving the greater Indianapolis area. I am in business to provide for my family and to teach them that working hard, taking care of the customer and providing excellent service will bring success!

Thank you for the future business!

John Schott

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