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Gravel Driveway Makeover by Schott Services

Indianapolis is home to the gravel driveway! Everyone has them and many residents are ditching concrete and asphalt to go to a more natural, environmentally friendly option. Crushed stone or commonly called gravel is a great option to avoid expensive repairs on concrete or asphalt. Gravel is to repair! With a few strokes of a power rake, some light grading, your gravel driveway can look new and refreshed in a short time.

***Bad joke alert***Our process of repairing your gravel driveway is not rocket science, it's just "rock science"! Once your driveway is power raked the gravel or stone is turned over and loosened. This allows better movement of stone to low spots and smoothing out high spots. Gravel driveways are prone to potholes, but they can easily be managed to get your driveway back in shape. Ruts can be a huge annoyance, especially if you have turns or your gravel driveway is on a hill. Rain can really deteriorate a crushed stone driveway quickly. Another benefit of power raking your gravel driveway periodically is that it helps eliminate grass and weeds from growing. Regular maintenance on your gravel driveway can go a long way in keeping as nice as possible!

We like to keep the process simple and affordable. From start to finish, you will deal directly with the owner, John Schott. John will take your phone call, show up to do the estimate and be the guy that does the work. This ensures the highest quality of work and keeps costs low. Communication of what type of service you receive will be same throughout the gravel driveway repair transformation. Call, text or email today for a free estimate!

John Schott


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