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Dirt Removal, Light Excavation & Hauling

Do you have a pile of dirt needing removed? Did you dig out for a paver patio? Do you need to dig out for a patio, but dont want to dig yourself?!

Schott Services can help with all of these questions. We can haul away your dirt pile. We can excavate an area for you if you do not want to pickup a shovel. Whatever it is you need done involving dirt, we can help! Our equipment is typically small enough for backyards and can maneuver into tight spaces.

Our customers have trusted since 2003 to haul away dirt piles, mulch piles or basically any piles of junk/debris you may have sitting in your yard. We can even haul away concrete, decks, fences and ponds! But, dirt is highly requested and our service is highly effecient!

Call or text John Schott at 317-784-8760 or email at

Thank you!

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