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Crazy Things I Haul Away!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Customers always ask me what is the craziest thing I have hauled away over the years...this might be one of them!

I have hauled away fishing boats and canoes, but never a sailboat! The customer had this sitting in their front yard for many years and needed it gone. It was not terribly hard to remove once it was cut into smaller pieces. Then loading it was quick with my mini skid steer. This is where I stand in front of other hauling companies. I have the proper equipment to haul the bigger, bulkier items that other companies can not handle on your property!

So, if you have large, cumbersome items (sailboats!) that you need removed give me a call! My customers never believe me that I can the job done as quickly as I tell them. But, just look at my videos and read the reviews! I appreciate the work and look forward to helping you haul away whatever you need removed. Thank you!

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