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  • John Schott

Concrete Demolition and Removal Bliss!

Yes, I remove concrete! You may wonder how does one get into the concrete removal business??? I have been in business since 2003. I started a few years before that working for another local business and realized that I enjoyed this work! I really enjoy working outdoors, making my own schedule and tearing stuff up!

When I first started Schott Services I was cutting grass and installing landscaping. But, I noticed removal of the landscaping was my forte. Customers would ask if I could remove a sidewalk or concrete patio, with a smile on my face I obliged! I purchased a breaker hammer attachment and away I went! If you have concrete you need removed please call, text or email me. I will demolish your concrete, load it up and haul it away.

Estimates are free, the show is free but I've got a family to feed! So, I'll help you out and you will help my family! It's a win/win!


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