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Buried Concrete Blocks Removed and Grading of Front Yard Slope

This property used to have a brick wall that protected it from outside danger. This brick wall was set deep in the ground, so when it was replaced by the wire fence in the background of the video, the people demolishing it didn’t bother to dig up the underground bricks. Because of that, there are hundreds of clay bricks buried on the edge of this property! This makes it hard to mow the grass on the hill. The owner has had to deal with the trouble of mowing grass over bricks for 30 years! That’s all going to change today. We’re going to dig out all the bricks and fix up this hill.

The first thing to do is uncover the bricks. We use the stump bucket attachment on our Vermeer 925 mini skid steer to expose all the bricks. The stump bucket works like a big crowbar that pries apart whatever you set it between. Using it we unearth all the bricks from the hill. All together there were over 150 bricks hidden inside this hill!

Now that all the bricks are out in the open, we attach the grapple to the Vermeer and get to work picking up the bricks. Using the mini skid steer to pick up the bricks saves the customer lots of time on the brick removal and it saves us trouble, so it’s a win-win!

Digging out all those bricks has left the hill in a pretty ravaged state, so we need to prepare it for planting new grass. To till the soil we use our power rake, which upsets the sod and breaks up big chunks. Once the soil has been tilled, we will add a layer of new topsoil so enrich what’s already there. But before that, we pull out any straggling roots with a hand rake, just to make sure that this hill is in the best condition possible when we’re done. Now we spread the new soil on the hill with our mini skid steer bucket. We spread it as equally as possible, so that it’s easy to smooth out with our leveler. The leveler slices through the clumps of topsoil to ensure that the new grass can spread all over the hill.

Finally, we cover up the hill with some mulch. This will help the soil to absorb as much moisture as possible and will keep it from drying out. Once the mulch is spread, we haul away the roots and the bricks to be recycled. Have something buried in your backyard that you need dug out? Reach out to us at 317-784-8760 or email us at for a free price estimate.

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