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Gravel Driveway & Brush Clearing- Serving The Greater Indianapolis Area!

Updated: Mar 8

A gravel driveway revived with new gravel and brushline cleared back from driveway.
Gravel Driveway Rehab and Brush Clearing

Fall is almost here and what's soon after...winter! Now is the time to level and fill potholes that may lingering from last winter. This job was done in early spring of 2019.

First, we removed the brush hanging out into the driveway and it had lots of overgrowth towards the end of driveway closest in picture. After clearing the brush and debris from the gravel driveway we ran the power rake over the entire driveway. This attachment on the skid steer helps loosen compacted driveway stone and starts the process of leveling out the old stone. Once the driveway has been power raked we have a leveling attachment that fills in the low spots and knocks down the high areas. This is an amazing tool and the key to get your driveway perfect each and every time! Now that your gravel driveway is level and smooth a new layer of #8 driveway crushed limestone is spread over entire driveway. We work with one the best triaxle trucking companies in town for delivering and spreading stone, topsoil, rock and sand! Your gravel driveway resurfacing is almost complete! John Schott with Schott Services hand rakes your crushed limestone driveway to give it that picture perfect look!

We own all of our equipment so we are able to get to your job quickly and efficiently.  This job required brush hauling and power rake/leveling of driveway. And, delivery of new #8 crushed limestone!

Call, text or email anytime for a free estimate to get your gravel or crushed limestone driveway repaired/resurfaced today!

John Schott 317-784-8760

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