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Gravel Driveway Refresh!

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Winter is here, but now is a good time to get on our schedule to have your gravel driveway refreshed. Indiana is always good for a few warm days. Winter is typically slower time of year, so scheduling is fast and conveniant! Smooth out the bumps, potholes and ridges from winter's freeze and thaws. We provide driveway grading, as well as, new stone spreading and installation.. We have the proper tools and experience to make your driveway new again. First, we will power rake and level your gravel driveway. Then, if needed, we will add a new layer of stone to match current size of stone to make your driveway beautiful again! Depending on length of driveway, we will hand rake smooth to get it just right! We have done driveways from 10 feet long to a 1/4 mile long. So, typically no job to big or to small! And, with Schott Services, you get John Schott-Owner on each and every job. From operating the machinery to final cleanup. Give him a call or text at 317-784-8760!

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