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Curbside Pickup Trash Removal

Updated: Mar 8

A pile of junk on curb to be removed.
Curb Side Junk Removal in Indianapolis

A fully loaded trailer of junk removed from curbside.
Curbside Junk Removal in Indianapolis-After

Sometimes you don't mind doing some of the elbow grease, just sit your old stuff out at the curb. We provide quick and affordable curbside junk pickup in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. If you don't mind getting your trash to the curb, we can typically pickup within 24 hours notice. We haul away old couches, ping pong tables, swing sets, garbage, appliances, brush and old landscaping material. If you need to get rid of that mattress and box spring sitting in your garage, give us a call or text at 317-784-8760. We can take just about anything the city will not pickup, which is typically anything that does not fit in your blue or gray trash bin. You don't need to fool with those pesky green bags that you buy at the big box stores either. Just pile in your driveway and we will make it disappear!

We typically charge $200 for a pickup truck sized load of trash/debris removal. But, you can save some money when putting out at the curb or in your driveway. Check out our price list on our website to see additional charges/fees. We have the proper trucks and trailers to take several pickup truck loads at a time! When you give us a call, just estimate how many pickup truck loads you expect to have total. Then we can determine how much the trash pickup will cost you. It's that easy! Text or email a picture of your junk removal needs and we will provide a quick estimate. Then we will schedule a time to pickup your pile of stuff!

You can rest assured that you will be communicating with the owner, John Schott, each and every time! Whether you call or text or email, it will be the same person. Even better, the same guy will show up at your house or property to pickup your old stuff and junk!

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