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Gravel or Stone Driveway, which is it?

Updated: Mar 8

A long gravel driveway before repairs.
Gravel Driveway Before Repairs.
 A long gravel driveway after repairs with #8 crushed limetone added.
Gravel Driveway After Repairs

Many people call every year to have their "gravel" driveway refreshed or just want to add parking to their current driveway. Crushed limestone is a cheap alternative to concrete and asphalt. And, in most areas you do not need a permit to install additional parking space with crushed stone because it is not considered a permanent surface.

Most people, me included, call crushed limestone (typical material used for driveways) gravel. Where gravel is actually pea gravel, river pebbles (#8) or river rock (course L). And, crushed limestone would be #2 stone, #11 stone, #9 stone, #8 stone, #53's with dust or rip rap.

Crushed limestone is the ideal driveway material. When building a new driveway or parking area there are few steps to building it to last. First, you want to excavate and remove 6-8" of soil/earth. Second, you would put down a 2-3" layer of #2 stone and finish with a #8 stone or 53's w/dust stone depending on your desired finish. You can also use #9 or #11 stone, but #8's are the most common. The jagged edges of the stone lock together to make a nice smooth driveway surface.

I have many years experience refreshing old stone (gravel) driveways or making an entirely new driveway/parking area. I have the proper equipment and knowledge to excavate/remove the soil, spread and then level the new stone driveway. Depending on the size of the driveway, I will hand rake to add the finishing touches!

So, enough about "gravel" stone driveways...Give a call or text at 317-784-8760 and know that you will get me-John Schott every time!!!

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