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Yard Waste Disposal Indianapolis

At one point in time or another you have had a stick pile, shrub clippings or bags of leaves sitting on your property. And it sits there, and sits there and then finally you can't take it anymore...the yard waste needs to be removed! For some Indianapolis homeowners the city has issued a citation against you because of a neighbor complaining of your stick/yard waste pile. Indianapolis does not allow brush and stick piles to build up on city lots due to rodents making a home in the pile. If someone complains, you will get a notice and it will cost a hefty fee from the city. We can save you money and not dealing with the city! We will haul away your pile of yard debris or brush pile and do it with a smile! 

Do you have large piles of brush in your woods or forest? Great! We may be able to reduce the size of the pile with our mini-forestry mulcher. We can mulch piles of sticks, twigs and brush rather than the expense of hauling the piles away. Let it go back to nature and speed up the natural decomposing process. This option of mulching in place helps the natural ecosystem of your woods by providing and keeping nutrients in the soil. This process lets your brush and yard waste stay on site to turn back into composted soil. It is good for soil retention and erosion!

We remove all types of yard waste including: tree limbs, bags of leaves, stick piles, dirt piles, brush, brambles, shrub trimmings, grass clippings and stump chips. Did you have tree and stump removed but they left the stump chips? Yes, we can remove that awful of pile of stump grindings! We differ from most junk removal and hauling services in Indianapolis when it comes to larger piles of yard waste. We have specialized equipment to move large volumes yard debris quickly and efficiently to save you money! And, we are able to load and haul away large logs from a your empty lot or property. Call or text John Schott today for a free estimate!

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"I had a bunch of trash bags full of lawn trimmings to get rid of, so I Googled "yard waste disposal" and Schott Services was the first result. The gentleman I spoke with was very friendly and he was able to take the bags the same day for a reasonable fee. Will keep in mind for future reference, would highly recommend!"

Josh Fidler- 5 Star Google Review!

"After emailing a few photos of our landscape shrubbery to be removed, John replied with his estimate within 2 days. John completed the work six days later. He did an excellent job, arriving at the scheduled time, with full attention to detail, taking every precaution to do the job properly and safely. After the work was completed, he cleaned up the work site and asked us to walk around and ensure that we were satisfied with the job (we were pleased!). Finally, his bill was at the low end of his estimate and was a very fair price. We highly recommend Schott Services and would hire him again in a heartbeat."

Jan Receveur- 5 Star Google Review!

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