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Who Knew Concrete Demolition Would Be Relaxing?!

What to do with an old sidewalk that's no longer needed? Or, a concrete step that is crumbling? Or, just a random concrete sitting area like in this video???

After talking with the customer, we determined that maybe this was installed a seating area for an old bus stop at one point in time. Whatever is was used for in the first place the customer no longer had a need for it so found Schott Services online to remove the concrete. We focus on concrete removal jobs when you are not needing new concrete installed. When you have random concrete that does not really serve a purpose anymore! Many of our concrete removal jobs are in older neighborhoods of the city where there seems to sections of concrete needing demolished. We utilize our breaker hammer and assorted mini skid steer attachments to eliminate unwanted concrete.

No matter the challenge we are interested in taking a look at your concrete removal job. For a quick estimate on cost of the job send pictures to 317-784-8760 or email

Thank you!

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