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Undergrowth Clearing

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

It's winter and you can now see what is hiding in your woods! Lots of fallen, dead trees that make your woods look a little less desirable. And, of course of all the honeysuckle that has popped up over the summer. Schott Services provides removal of fallen trees, brush removal, logs removal and clearing of unwanted vegetation.

In this video, the customer wanted their bridge passage across creek cleared to prevent any debris/logs getting into bridge when next big rain came thru the area. Our goal was to open up the area to give more space between to see behind the house. Burning of brush/logs was allowed on this property but not always an option. We are able to haul away the forest debris to be recycled into mulch.

Call, text, email for a free estimate to reclaim usable forest floor to enjoy more outdoor activities and see wildlife in a whole new perspective! Thanks for watching!

John Schott-Owner of Schott Services


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