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Satisfying Mini Barn Demolition and Concrete Cracking

We’re doing a demolition project today, and we’re taking down a small wooden barn. We’ve got our mini skid steer and root grapple ready to go, and we’re starting by taking off the roof. With the root grapple, we carefully remove the shingles and diagonal rafters, and then deposit them into the truck bed for hauling.

Next, we detach the sides of the barn using the root grapple, and deposit those into the truck bed for hauling as well. Then, we move onto the fallen wooden planks, picking them up by hand and depositing them into the truck bed.

Once we’ve cleared out the wooden parts of the barn, we use the root grapple to pick up the floor and place it in the truck bed as well. With all the wooden pieces disassembled and ready to go, we secure them to the truck bed with ratchet straps to ensure that they won’t slide off during transport.

Now it’s time to tackle the concrete tiles that served as the barn’s foundation. Using the root grapple, we wedge the grapple underneath a tile, lift it up, and then deposit it for hauling. We repeat this process until all the concrete tiles have been removed. Some of the tiles crack and crumble during this process, but we’ll pick up the pieces later.

After removing all the tiles, we scoop up the pieces of cracked concrete using the root grapple. In the process, we also spot a stray wood plank that was missed earlier, so we deposit it onto the truck bed along with the concrete pieces. To get the pieces of cracked concrete that are in the dirt, we sift through them with the root grapple.

Finally, we pick up the last few small chunks of concrete by hand. With all the debris cleared away, we use the leveler attachment to smooth out the dirt and make sure the area is left in good condition.

There you have it - a successful demolition project! With the right tools and techniques, we were able to efficiently take down the barn and clear away all the debris. If you need an old barn or other installation removed, don’t hesitate to contact us at 317-784-8760 or

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