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Landscape Tear Out and Landscape Removal by Schott Services

You don't want to trim all of those hedges this year! More than likely they were planted before you bought your house. Someone else had grand ideas for a great landscape of 100s of large shrubs and trees, but it's to regain some yard. And, less time trimming shrubs all summer.

We don't plant bushes and trees. We only provide tear out, haul away and can regrade the ground once removed! Our customers in Indianapolis and surrounding areas have come to appreciate a company that solely focuses on just the removal of old landscaping shrubs and trees. Many landscape companies want the entire job of removing, but eager to fill your yard with more plant material. Not that we have something against landscaping, but sometimes you just don't want to deal with it anymore. Sometimes you just need to simplify your backyard, less is more. We found a niche in the Indianapolis market that homeowners and businesses alike just wanted to get rid of landscaping. And, didn't want the pressure of being sold more plants. You can always add them down the road, but for now you just want your shrubs removed! We remove small trees, brush, honeysuckle and unwanted vegetation as well.

Our customers our amazed at the fast speed their yard is transformed. Our efficiency is like none other and our communication is unmatched. These qualities are important to owner, John Schott, at his home and he always strives to give the same quality to his customers. What more can you ask for in a landscape removal company. Quality service, efficient service and all while having a big smile! Schott Services is family owned and operated. It all started in 2003 and will continue to grow with 8 kids and counting(#9 on the way!) to help with the family business! It's almost spring and schedule fills up quick. Call, text or email John Schott at 317-784-8760

Thanks for watching and look forward to help you in 2022!

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