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Fence Row Haircut!


In this video, our customer has fence row with lots of overgrown vegetation and needed it cleaned up! First, I took my brush cutting machine to mulch the large the larger trees and weeds. This process makes quick of vines, honey suckle and weed trees that have along the fence. As I am working along I am using my hedge trimmers to cut back smaller tree limbs to fine tune the job.

The customer was installing a new fence right up to the old one so they needed a good, clean the length of the fence for the fence installers to their part. Everything is cut back, gone over with forestry mulcher and scraped clean with root grapple to get the bulk of debris. Then I will hand rake along the fence to get the last bit of debris!

Schott Services provides brush clearing, brush removal, lot clearing, brush pile removal, tree removal and stump removal in the greater Indianapolis area. Check out our Google My Business page to see how are customers appreciate our services!

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