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Drop Spreading vs. Power Rake, Level and Spread

Updated: Mar 7

There are many companies that will drop spread gravel or crushed rock for your driveway rejuvenation. But, there is a difference in what happens between just drop spreading and having a professional company power rake, level and install a new layer of crushed limestone rock.

Let's begin!

Drop spreading is a great option if you are just needing a new layer of stone laid down on a fairly smooth driveway. Its ideal if there are very few or no potholes. And, If there are no high ridges or large dips in your driveway. I hear about customers having their driveways drop spread by a trucking company and within a few months later their driveway potholes all come back! Also, it's not a great idea to just fill in individual potholes with stone as well.

The reason for this is that when you drop spread a driveway (if the truck operator knows what they are doing!) it's like laying a big blanket over your driveway. Anywhere the potholes are present then the new stone (blanket) will just dip down in the pothole areas and you will not get a sufficient amount of stone to fill in the potholes...

This is where Schott Services differs from the competition! We will take the time to power rake your driveway to loosen up compaction and make current gravel/stone easier to move around. Then our second step is to use our leveling equipment to knock down the high areas and push this stone to the lower pothole areas ensuring that your entire driveway is smooth as butter! This step is critical to making your new layer of stone (the blanket) lay perfectly smooth!

I wanted to go through this process because I have talked to many customers that have had new stone drop spread on their driveway with lackluster results. This is not to say that it can't be done successfully! As in this video, the company I work with that delivers the stone are highly experienced at drop spreading from the tailgate of the truck. But, this driveway was 1500 feet long with many potholes. I came through beforehand with the power rake and turned over the top layer of crushed stone. Then leveled out the high and low spots. This made for a very smooth surface for the drop spreading.

There is a difference in price of just having it drop spread as opposed to having Schott Services come through first with power rake. Which for some customers cost is biggest factor and they are looking for a quick fix. But, please know the potholes will return much quicker. If you have the power rake and leveling done first (slightly more expensive) then your gravel driveway will have much better results lasting longer and potholes not forming so quickly. Like any driveway surface, they all need regular maintenance. But, the power rake, level and spread vs. just drop spreading has proven to have a longer life before needing it power raked again!

Call or text 317-784-8760 for a free estimate today! With technology today, by just giving your address the driveway can be measured right from a smart phone to provide an estimate within minutes. But, I prefer to meet in person to go over job in detail to explain the difference in what is provided in our service compared to others! To ensure you have the most knowledge to getting your gravel driveway back in tip top shape!!!

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