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Dirt Removal by Schott Services

We get so many calls for dirt removal. Believe it or not, in the summer it may be one of our most popular calls. It's not the most glamorous work. But, who cares it's dirt and that's how we have made our name. You have a pile of dirt and we can help! Did you put in a paver patio last year or do other landscaping projects at your home? Now, you have a pile of dirt, sand, concrete or rock sitting in your driveway or yard. We typically have a quick turnaround on getting your dirt pile removed. The process is easy. Point to pile and it disappears. What can be easier! We can even remove extra materials that you may have not been able to use on your projects. Many times delivery companies may drop more than needed or you over estimated, We haul it all away in short time at affordable pricing.

Call, text or email John Schott for a free estimate for your dirt removal needs in Indianapolis!

Thanks for watching!

John Schott


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