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Concrete Magnet Bucket-Concrete Haul Away by Schott Services

Just a silly video of me removing concrete blocks! Yes, we provide concrete removal services in Indianapolis. Schott Services has been serving the Indy are since 2003 with hauling, junk removal and light demolition services. Our focus compared to other junk removal companies is heavy material, dense construction debris, concrete chunks, concrete blocks, bricks and dirt removal. If you have a large amount of heavy, construction debris like concrete blocks give us a call! We can help remove and haul away this material typically on short notice too!

We use our mini skid steer to provide efficient removal of the dense material piled in your yard! It's simple to call, text or email John Schott for a free estimate. Send pictures of what you need removed and the job can typically be quoted over the phone. If not, John Schott will gladly take a look in person!

Thanks for watching and enjoy all of our videos on Youtube.


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