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Concrete Fence Wall Demolition and Hauling

As the soil under a fence settles, it begins to sag. Eventually, the dirt won’t be able to support the weight of the fence, and it will topple over. If the fence is concrete, it can do some serious damage on its way down. One segment of a concrete fence wall in one neighborhood is poised to fall over due to the settling dirt mentioned earlier. It could fall over at any time. Naturally, we need to stop this from happening, so we’ll remove the leaning portion.

The fence we are removing today is a reinforced concrete masonry wall. This means that a mesh of rebar is strengthening the wall from the inside. This construction makes it difficult to demolish the wall. We’ll have to get the rebar exposed and saw through it to break up the wall into manageable chunks. But how do we get through the thick concrete in order to expose the rebar? With a concrete breaker hammer!

The concrete breaker works like a jackhammer. It repeatedly pounds on the concrete with a pneumatic chisel. Using this tool we punch several small holes into the concrete. Eventually we remove enough material to see the rebar in the middle. Once the rebar is exposed, it’s time to bust out the cut-off saw.

This disc saw cuts through the rebar with ease, although it makes enough sparks fly that it looks like we’re setting off fireworks!

Now the wall is split into two segments. But even half the wall is too big to fit on our truck, so we cut these segments down further. We use the same process as before, using our jackhammer-style attachment to expose the rebar and then cutting the rebar with our cut-off machine. Now that the wall has been cut into four more-or-less equally sized pieces, we can load them onto our truck in a stack. We layer the pieces on top of each other with our mini skid steer’s grapple attachment, and haul them off to our truck.

Now we have to clean up the rubble on the ground. All that hammering and sawing we did left a large pile of concrete debris and loose rebar on-site. To clear this up, we clump it all up with a hand rake and then use our trusty bucket attachment to scoop the rubble up. Then we deposit it in the back of our truck and the area is now safe from falling concrete. There’s no more threat of the wall collapsing. We at Schott Services are pros at concrete wall removals, so if you need a wall demolished, don't wait to call us at 317-784-8760 or at for a free price estimate.


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