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Brush Clearing Services by Schott Services

Schott Services can clear your backyard of unwanted vegetation, undergrowth or just tall weeds. Our equipment is perfect for getting into tight areas or places that are not easily accessible for larger machines. Our equipment is capable of clearing large sections of honeysuckle, brush piles and smaller diameter trees in short time. Equivalent to several people cutting, dragging, mulching brush our brush clearing equipment replaces those workers getting the job done in much less time! Deal directly with the owner on every job, less people on your property, less confusion of who is selling the job and who is actually doing the job.

I am John Schott and have been in business since 2003. I have the experience to get your brush clearing and forestry mulching job in short time with high efficiency. My brush cutting equipment is perfect for the job you think you want to tackle but would prefer someone else to do the work. My focus is clearing overgrown yards, properties and fields of brambles, honeysuckle and nuisance trees.

Your yard will look great again and you don't need to lift a single tool! Open up your woods, remove a weedy fence line or clear trails for ATVs/walking trails. Check out my YouTube page with many videos of brush clearing, forestry mulching and vegetation control services.

Call or text John Schott 317-784-8760

Thank you!

John Schott


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