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Concrete Removal For Customer In Indianapolis

We need to remove some slabs of concrete today. These slabs were set up to make a small back door patio outside our customer’s house. The customer doesn’t need them anymore, so we’re hauling them. The slabs are pretty dense so we’ll use our mini skid steer to move them. This reliable machine can easily lift concrete slabs, so a job like this is no problem.

The best attachment to use here on our mini skid steer is the stump bucket. We use this tool to dig up stumps and to pick up concrete slabs like in this video. This bucket works like a wedge. It goes between the concrete slab and ground to separate them. As another example, it’s like a Lego brick separator. Anyway, we use this attachment to lift the concrete tiles, one by one. Some of them are too wide to pick up in one go, so we have to crack them in half and stack them on top of each other to fit on our stump bucket. After we pick up the tiles, we carry them over to our truck for hauling.

The last tile we need to transport to our truck is L-shaped. Moving this tile is not as easy as the previous ones, because of its large size and awkward shape. We try to move it all in one piece, but it falls off the stump bucket multiple times while we try to move it. Time to try something else. We crack the tile into small half-slabs and try to hoist them onto the stump bucket, all stacked together. But this ends up being unbalanced, so the tile stack falls again. Finally, we decide to only move one half-slab from the stack at a time. This works, and we are able to get the L-shaped tile onto the bed of our truck. With that, this job is done. With over twenty years experience and a perfect five star rating on Google, we’re sure we can help you with your landscaping needs. If you need some concrete tiles removed, contact us at 317-784-8760 (call or text) or for a free price estimate.

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