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Landscape Removal/Bush Removal/Concrete Removal

Got brush clearing on your spring cleaning list? Schott Services can help! As you can see in this video, we do brush removals. We do lots of landscaping work, not just foliage removal, but we have lots of experience working with foliage in particular. We do brush removal, shrub control and removal, etc. for a reasonable price. Email us pictures at or call at 317-784-8760 for a free price estimate.

First we cut down the brush in this video with a power rake. This tool mows the plants into a fine mulch that can be composted later. The power rake’s an attachment for the Vermeer S925TX, a rugged mini skid steer. We’ll be making expensive use of this machine to satisfy the customer. Using the Vermeer cuts the time needed for this job in half.

Now that we’ve mulched the overgrown brush, we need to remove it. The right tool for the job is the grapple attachment. We use it like a hand rake to gather all the mulch together and then pick it up. We haul it off to our truck to be composted.

Some old concrete tiles need to be taken off the ground so we can level it out. Using the grapple again, we scoop the tiles out from underneath and pick them up one by one. Then onto the truck bed they go. There’s an old fence we also need to remove, but that’s not a problem for the Vermeer 925. It’s a small wire fence, so all we have to do is crumple it up with the grapple and haul it away.

The last part of this job is to smooth out the ground so new grass can grow on it. For this we use our tried and true method of going over the targeted ground with the leveler in vertical lines, with minimal overlap to prevent streaking. This method works better than repeating lines as it minimizes roughness from the mini skid steer’s caterpillar tracks. Anyway, if you want some brush removed, call us or email us for a free price estimate.

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