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Whole Yard Graded With New Topsoil

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

This is a gradation project. We’re going to correct this property’s slumping ground by adding a new layer of dirt around the house! As it stands, the dirt around the house is slightly lower than the dirt farther out. Because of. , rainwater that falls here will naturally go down with gravit 6 y and seep into the house! That’s why we’re putting down a new layer of dirt. We’ll grade the earth so that water trickles away from the house, instead of towards it. If you need your property graded or need another landscaping. job done, call us or text us pictures at 317-78 4-8760 We’ll probably be able to give you a price estimate on the spot, without any inspection of the property. So call today!

First we need to get the dirt to the property. We call over a dump truck with a truck bed full of new topsoil and have the dirt dumped on the front yard. When the dump truck is gone, we start scooping the dirt and distributing it. For this we use our Vermeer 925 and bucket. Watch the video to see some first person, real-time footage of what driving a mini skid steer looks like!

With the dirt spread out all over the yard, we move on to grading. Our leveler attachment easily smooths out the new topsoil. Watch the video to see some very satisfying footage of the dirt being spread across the property.

With the dirt graded and the incline fixed, our job is done! Another happy customer. As we did in this video, we’ll take care of all your landscaping needs. Just contact us at 317-784-8760 or We do junk removal, hauling, landscape and demolition solutions, etc. Call today for a free estimate on price

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