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Vegetation and Undergrowth Maintenace and Control by Schott Services

Ever wonder how trails are made? Right of Ways are cleared? Or you may have a patch of land overgrown with brush, brambles and thick undergrowth?

Schott Services can control unwanted vegetation on your property. Brush clearing services are in high demand right now due to many projects taking place and people needing more space to build. We can clear nuisance areas of your property to gain more yard, more space or just to open your woods/forest! We can clear trails throughout your woods easily and efficiently.

Our brush cutting machine is versatile and maneuverable for tight areas. It can even clear hillsides better than a larger machine due to its low center of gravity!

This machine will not chew up large trees. You'll need a forestry mulcher for that job. But, if the brush you are even considering doing by hand. Stop. Dial 317-784-8760. Wait for someone to answer saying this is John Schott. Now, you are almost brush free! Call, text or email for an estimate to clear unwanted vegetation!

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