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Backyard Brush Clearing For Swinget

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Our customer’s grassy lawn separates the wooded zone where we’ll be working and our customer’s driveway, where our Vermeer mini skid steer is. We put down a path of plywood squares over the grass to avoid marking up the lawn with our Vermeer’s treads. And now we have an impromptu sidewalk for our mini skid steer!

Having crossed over we get to work. Our attachment of choice for the Vermeer is the power rake. We weave through the zone’s trees with our maneuverable Vermeer and rake all over the wooded area, eliminating all moss and shrubs. Working in tight spaces like this is where the mini skid steer really shines. A full-size bobcat skid steer wouldn’t be able to fit in an area filled with so many obstacles, but the Vermeer navigates the wood flawlessly. So if you’re concerned about the mini skid steer’s lower power, rest assured. This compact machine can pack a punch!

Now that the brush cutter has done its job, it’s time to move on to the grapple. We’ll use this to gather all the fallen branches and rotten logs for hauling. The process for this is simple. We use the low teeth like a broom to gather all the branches in a line into one spot. Then we move on to the next line and repeat. For the logs we’ll need to be more strategic. They are heavy and unwieldy due to their size. So we break up the logs (which isn’t hard because they’re so old and brittle) and grapple each piece individually. We lay the logs in a pile next to the branches.

The wood is clear of all debris, but it’s not fit to grow new grass on yet. We need to level it first to ensure that the grass has the easiest time it can populating the new space. This is a standard procedure when doing any sort of ground work. It’s simple and helpful. To do it we just lower our leveler to the ground and spread the dirt out. It’s incredible how much better a plot of land looks after doing such a simple thing.

Lastly, we sprinkle some straw over the freshly leveled earth. This protects it from foreign interference while letting the soil absorb more moisture. The work is done, and new grass can now grow there. We pack up our mini skid steer and disassemble its makeshift sidewalk. Another happy customer! 317-784-8760,


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