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Mini Skid Steer Brush Cutter For Backyard Brush Clearing

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

In this video you’ll see just what it takes to mulch lots of honeysuckle. The customer asked us to save the tree in the video from some old bushes that were crowding it. We obliged! To clear this land we need to cut the bushes down to size with a brush cutter, then grind out the bushes’ stumps with a stump grinder, and finally free the tree from the bushes’ vines with a chainsaw. As you can see in the video, brush cutting is no problem for Schott Services, so contact us at or call at 317-784-8760 for a free price estimate. We can often give a price on the spot from pictures sent by email, so in-person meeting is not always necessary. Call today!

The first step is to cut out the big bushes that are sticking out. Doing this by hand would take hours, so to speed up the process we use our handy mini skid steer and brush cutter attachment. This attachment works like a weed wacker on a huge scale. Its blades spin through the brush with ease, turning the overgrown brush to mulch. We continue this process until all that’s left of the bushes is their stumps. We want to completely clear the land, so we need a new attachment that can grind out the stumps.

The only tool for this job is the stump grinder, of course! With its toothed disc, this attachment eats through all the stumps, leaving only sawdust behind. This stump grinder is designed for tree stumps, which are much bigger than bush stumps, so it takes no time at all for the stump remover to grind out these bushes’ stumps.

There are some vines hanging on the tree that we need to remove. We go retrieve a chainsaw from our truck to cut them down. While dealing with the vines, we notice some roots from the bush forestry that are sticking out of the ground. Laying the chainsaw on its side, we run the saw through these roots horizontally until they are severed from underground. Now we need to collect all the bush mulch and haul it away. A grappler attachment makes quick work of the mulch, bunching it up and transporting it to our truck. We pack the mulch densely on the truck bed, making sure to compact it as much as possible. Now all that’s left is to prep the ground for planting seeds by smoothing it out.

The leveler attachment smooths the soil out and prepares it for planting. By upsetting the stagnant dirt and then flattening it, the leveler makes the best possible seedbed out of the soil. Once it’s all flattened out, the job is done. Remember, call us at 317-784-8760 or email us pictures at for a free price estimate right away!


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