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Quick Picket Fence Removal Videow

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Watch this video of a really fast fence removal job in Indianapolis, IN. We remove picket, privacy, chain link or security fencing. We will dismantle, load it and haul away. Any fence that was built we can remove. We are able to provide removal of the concrete footers as well! Most junk removal/fence removal companies do not have the machinery to provide this extra step that customers need.

In business since 2003, Schott Services has been providing Indianapolis homeowners and businesses with fence removal options. We are a local, family operated business that has the knowledge, experience and efficient techniques for all types of fence removal. Whether it's 15 feet long or 1500 feet long, we will do what it takes to delete it from your landscape!

Call or Text 317-784-8760


Thank you for watching and check out our entire website for all of the great services we provide in the Indianapolis area!

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