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Trailblazer...Brush Cutting Trails/Trail Making Service by Schott Services

Trails are fun, aren’t they? They give you an opportunity to experience nature without having to deal with dangerous undergrowth and hidden pests. Our customer wanted a trail in their backyard. We were happy to oblige! At Schott Services, we’ll blaze any trail for you. When working with Schott Services, you don’t need to worry about meeting with a middle man or salesman who has to inspect the property before starting the job. We’ll take care of all your landscaping needs quickly and easily, and the one who shows up will always be the owner! So call or send us pictures via text/email text today at 317-784-8760 and

You might be asking how we make a trail in the first place. Well, it’s pretty simple. With a little hard work and some power tools, we can carve out a path in a jiffy. Literally! One of the tools we use is a chain saw. It carves up all the branches and shrubs in the way of the trail. To remove everything else, we boot up our mini skid steer and configure it to use our brush cutting attachment. This attachment mows down everything in its path. Honeysuckle, grass, weeds, bushes, and everything else. This tool chops it all up! The customer wanted the trail to extend from one side of their forest to the other, so this trail connects one side to the other. If you want us to blaze a trail for you, contact us today! This is one of the simpler jobs we do, but it’s still a good example of the kind of work we do at Schott Services. We have over 20 years experience to get the job done, so call/text/email today! 317-784-8760 and

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