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Super Long Gravel Driveway Upgrade!

Gravel driveways are great option for Indianapolis residents, especially if your home is located a fair distance from the main road. This particular customer had been dealing with potholes from the previous winter. Whether your driveway is 100 feet long, 1000 feet long or a mile long we can make it beautiful again! Yes, our gravel driveway resurface process has been described as beautiful from a satisfied customer! Our solution includes power raking the entire driveway to loosen up the compacted stone, level ruts and knock down high areas. You can definitely have a cheaper option of just having a guy drop spread on your current driveway with potholes, but the end result will be unsatisfactory. Power raking is the key to getting your driveway back to its original quality!

Once we power rake the driveway, then we go over the entire gravel driveway with our leveling/grading attachment to move the stone from high sections of driveway to the potholes. Our goal is to get the pot holes leveled and smooth before any new crushed limestone is installed. We work with a local trucking company to deliver and drop spread the new crushed limestone. Our partnership with this company has lasted over 2 decades! The final step is to do any touch ups of high spots in the new crushed limestone that has been drop spread. It will be like floating on a cloud when you drive across your newly resurfaced gravel driveway for the first time!!!

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