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Pool Demo, Back Fill and Leveling by Schott Services

Our job today is to fill in a pool. It’s a octogonal inground pool that measures about 42 feet across. The bottom of the pool has been completely overtaken by weeds, and the concrete deck is falling apart. Since this pool can’t be used anymore, the right thing to do is to fill it in. Schott Services provides many services, including pool fill-ins and other associated work. Contact us at 317-784-8760 or at and we’ll help you with all your landscaping needs.

The first step in filling in this pool is disassembling the deck. We use a stump bucket attachment for our Vermeer 925 mini skid steer to pry off the concrete panels lining the walls of the pool. There are eight in all. After the panels are prayed off the side, we lay them down in the center of the pit. They will provide support for the topsoil that we’re going to use to fill in the pool.

The next step in the process is removing all the trash that has accumulated in the pool. Most of it is metal support bars that helped the pool’s concrete lining to stay in one piece, but since we’ve already taken out the concrete, we don’t need the support bars anymore. We pick them up from the pool and place them out on the grass to be hauled away.

Now we need to take the concrete panels that were previously laid down in the pool and spread them out for an even layer of concrete rubble. We crush the panels into chunks with our mini skid steer and the stump bucket, and disperse them throughout the pit. After this is done, we start to pour in the new topsoil.

This part of the process is simple. It’s like filling up any other hole. To get it done as quickly as possible, we use the large size bucket for our Vermeer 925. This tool scoops up sizable portions of topsoil from our supply truck and lays them down in the hole with accuracy and precision. Using the bucket we swiftly fill in the hole. But without smoothing out the fresh topsoil it will be difficult for any grass to grow. So to remedy this, we use our leveler tool and spread out the soil evenly over the ground. If you watch the video, you’ll see that there is a major difference in the smoothness of the ground before and after we employ the leveler to flatten the earth. And when it’s fully flat, our work is done. Remember, we do this sort of work all the time at Schott Services, so we’re pros at landscaping jobs like this. Call or text at 317-784-8760 or at for a free price estimate.

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