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Old Concrete Foundation Dug Out and Removed

Today, we have an interesting job on our hands. Our customer wants an old concrete foundation for a garage removed from their yard. As you can see in the video, the foundation is very old and covered with grass, hiding large chunks of concrete beneath its surface. Have concrete in your

backyard that you need removed? Reach out to us at 317-784-8760 or email us at for a free price estimate.

Our task is clear: we need to extract all the concrete, level the ground, and seamlessly blend the area with the rest of the yard. Additionally, there are a few scattered concrete pieces in other parts of the yard that need removal.

With a stump bucket attachment on our mini skid steer, we demonstrate that this versatile tool isn’t just limited to stump work. Effortlessly, the bucket wedges itself between the concrete and the ground and flips the pieces over. We repeat this process for all the concrete chunks, steadily progressing through the project.

Now, our attention turns to a second concrete foundation in a different section of the yard. At first glance, it doesn’t seem overly large, but as we start excavating, we quickly realize that it's a massive slab. With its huge mass and large volume, it becomes evident that we need to break up the concrete, as our machine alone wouldn’t be able to lift it.

Returning with our breaker hammer attachment, we skillfully crack the slab into more manageable pieces. Once done, we shift our focus back to the larger chunks of concrete from the original foundation, breaking them up as well. Without this step, the pieces would be too bulky for our machine to handle.

Switching to the grapple attachment, we move the broken concrete pieces onto our truck for hauling. However, our progress is momentarily halted by unexpected rain. The wet ground conditions make it impossible to maneuver the mini skid steer, so we wait out the rain.

The following day, with clear skies above, we return to complete the job. We resume hauling the remaining concrete pieces and load them onto the truck. Once finished, we transition to using our leveler attachment, ensuring that the yard achieves a pristine smoothness. To revitalize the area, we sow new grass seeds and cover them with mulch, providing good conditions for healthy growth.

Another satisfying concrete removal project done! If you need a similar job done, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 317-784-8760 or for a free price estimate.

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