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Mini Demolition Day! Micro Fence Removal

Our customer had a little fence gate added between the side of their house and the main fence, to separate the yards. But now, with so much clutter around the area, the fence just needlessly restricts access to the backyard! So today, Schott Services is going to remove that fence and open up the space. It’s important that your yard is always in tip-top shape, so get in touch with us at 317-784-8760 or for a free estimate on the price of your landscaping job!

First of all, we’re going to need to get the fence out of the way, so our mini skid steer can get in the zone to clear it out. When demolishing such a small fence, it’s unnecessary to take it apart piece by piece like we would do with a bigger fence. Instead, we just cut up the fence with a chainsaw. This saves time and energy that would be wasted on disassembling the fence the ‘right’ way. Anyway, we demolish the fence and, with it out of the way, we can get started clearing the area.

Our mini skid steer is the perfect tool for the job. With its root grapple attachment we can grab onto anything and haul it away. So we grab onto the bushes in the zone and easily uproot them, hauling them away to our truck. There are quite a few of them growing around where the fence was, so it takes a while to pluck each one out.

But after we’ve successfully extracted the bushes (as well as a few other weeds and foliage growing in the area), we can smooth out the ground with our leveler. It takes the rough earth and transforms it into a flat plane of dirt. Watch the beginning of the video and compare it to the end. You will see an incredible difference in the openness of the area! It almost looks like we’ve moved the garage away, but all we’ve done is remove the clutter. Remember, 317-784-8760 or if you want to see a difference this massive in your backyard too.

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