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Lots of Shrubs Removed With Mini Skid Steer

We remove shrubs, landscaping, unwanted bushes and overgrown weeds around your foundation. It doesn't matter how big or out of control your yard has become! We can dig out any stump or we will grind it out with our stump grinder. Landscaping around your house or property can add value, solitude and comfort when it is well maintained. But, sometimes it can become to much work and overwhelming. Many of our customers have inherited the previous owner of their house idea of great landscaping! They need us to clear it out and remove the old landscaping. We do not install new landscaping, only landscape removal.

We have found there is a niche in the landscape industry of customers wanting bush removal services only. The customer either wants to plant/design their own new landscaping or just doesn't want the headache of maintaining their landscaping anymore. That's where we get involved and remove the unwanted shrubs and bushes. Shrub and tree removal around the foundation of their home or office can sometimes add value to your home. If you are selling your home and you can't see it. Then it may be time to call us! New potential homeowners may want to see their new home if the shrubs are overgrown.

Our bush and shrub removal service in the Indianapolis is quick, affordable and depending on the size of job we can typically get to it in a timely manner. Call, text or email today for a free estimate. Please send us pictures of your shrub removal job for an even quicker response!

Thank you!

John Schott


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