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Just Spreading Dirt By Schott Services

This customer was in need of leveling their backyard with topsoil. They had a large dip in the backyard needing filled in to create a better backyard space for their kids to play! A triaxle of topsoil was delivered to their home and spread out to fill in the low area. This soil was non-pulverized.

Schott Services helps Indianapolis residents with grading issues, ground leveling from excavation work on your property and spreading/moving of materials. We spread topsoil, gravel, crushed limestone and just about any type of landscape material with our mini skid steer. Not sure what a mini skid steer is and what it can do?! Watch this video!

You could call it a really expensive wheel barrow, but it's so much more than that...A mini skid steer is small version of a large skid steer like a Bobcat. But, it can go many places that the larger machines are unable to access. It's minimum width is 42" wide, but we prefer 48" to avoid damaging gates. It's design it meant to access backyard spaces, but has the same power as many of the larger machines.

We are able to excavate soil, move soil, grade soil, spread soil or whatever your job may entail. As you can see in this video, the job was completed in a timely and efficient manner. The customer was satisfied with the work completed and excited to have a usable space in their backyard!

Call, text or email John Schott for a free estimate and get on our schedule today!

Thank you!


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