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How To Remove A Fence-Schott Services Style!

Since the dawn of time, we humans have created stone fences, wood fences, metal fences, plastic fences, tree fences, dirt mound fences and concrete fences to create a barrier/line of our property. But, at some point we say that we no longer need that fence and would like to get to know our neighbor better! So, that's how Schott Services gets involved...We remove all types of fencing for customers in the greater Indianapolis area.

In this video, our customer no longer wanted the picket fence surrounding their backyard. They were looking for an affordable price to have their fence removed. We offer to dig out the concrete footers and fill in holes with topsoil, but they were not concerned with it. So, for a lesser price we were able remove the fence panels, cut posts below the ground and cover with topsoil! Our customers have trusted us for fence removal and fence demolition since 2003. Schott Services is a family owned and operated business. I am John Schott the owner and with my wife Anne. We have 7 children that have begun to help us in the business and continuing the great tradition started many years ago!

Thank you!

John Schott


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