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Video: Fence Post & Stone Column Demolition and Removal-Fence Removal Indianapolis

Updated: 5 days ago

Our job today is to remove the fence posts and concrete columns from an old wire fence. The wire mesh itself has been removed already, but extracting the posts is not so easy! They are practically rooted in the ground, with tough concrete bases that keep them secure. But concrete is nothing to our Vermeer mini skid steer! With the machine’s powerful loader arms and grippy grapple attachment, this job should be a breeze. We’ll take care of all your landscaping needs for a reasonable price, so call or text us at 317-784-8760 or shoot us an email at and we’ll give you a free estimate on price.

It’s not a complicated job, but we need to be careful not to mess it up. We are inevitably going to cause some damage to the customer’s lawn simply because we’re ripping concrete installations out of the ground, but we can minimize the damage with careful use of our mini skid steer. We start one the left of the property and make our way right, pulling out the metal posts as we go. We grip them with our grapple just enough to tug them out; not so much that we cause unnecessary displacement of dirt. One by one, we pluck out the old poles with the strong Vermeer.

As we get to the center of the front yard of the property, we approach two concrete columns that were set up as a decorative gate. These stone structures are thick and heavy. We try to pick up one stone column with our mini skid steer, but it’s too heavy and bulky to be hauled in one piece. So we break the column into two smaller chunks and haul each one individually. Rinse and repeat for the other column. But as we deposit the second column into our trailer, the creaking of our trailer tells us that the combined weight of the metal poles and both stone columns is too much for even our heavy-duty service trailer. But no problem! The truck bed of the truck that we use to pull the trailer has lots of space. So that’s where we put the second column. Now we’re almost done.

Last, we head to the far left of the property to take out the remaining poles. This side poses an extra challenge to us, since some of the poles are between tall bushes on both sides, making moving our equipment in the areas more dangerous. But situations like this are where the ‘mini’ of our mini skid steer really shines! A full-size skid steer would have zero chance of getting into the compact space between the bushes, but it’s no problem for our Vermeer mini! Thanks to this we are able to pull out the last fence posts with ease. And that’s it for this job. Don't worry, the fence posts won’t go to waste. We make sure to recycle them to be reused. We’re the number one rated landscaping/demolition company on Google in the greater Indianapolis area, so if you need some fence posts (or a whole fence!) removed, don’t wait to contact us at 317-784-8760 (call or text) or for a free price estimate.

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