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Empty Lot Trash Removal and Bush Hogging on North West Side of Indy- Schott Services

We clear empty lots of trash and brush for commercial customers. This customer needed to clean up their back lot to better serve their customers and to have ready for the top executives coming to look over facility! They needed it cleared next day and thankfully we had time in our schedule to get it done!

We bush hogged an empty acre lot of tall weeds, brush and overgrowth along their pond. We removed several trailer loads of brush, trash and piles of junk from years past. With 20 years experience, owner John Schott does not waste his time or yours! Efficiency and communication is key to our success...and to you being a satisfied customer! All communications go directly through John from start to finish so there is no confusion on the job. This helps to complete the task at hand at ultra fast speeds!

Schott Services is an Indianapolis, local business that provides removal of just about anything left behind, installed or built on your property. Grown too! From large swaths of honeysuckle to embedded junk in your woods. We haul it away and clean up your property. Just think of us as your typical junk removal service on steroids!

For fastest communication, please text 317-784-8760 or John will certainly

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