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Downtown Indy Gravel Parking-Limited Working Space

What to do when your driveway is too small? Our customers today have a very small lot on their property. Their house was built in the late 19th century, when everything was a lot smaller. Especially driveways! After all, cars were just starting to become a thing, and homes weren’t built with them in mind. Anyway, the customers need more space for their vehicles. So we’re here to help them out! We’re going to dig out the customers’ old concrete curb/walkway and replace it with a smooth crushed stone driveway. Crushed stone is perfect for a property like this. It’s cheaper than asphalt and it’s much easier to lay down in a tight space like this! If you live in or around the Indianapolis area and want a new driveway, contact Schott Services at 317-784-8760 or email us at and we’ll get it done in a jiffy!

The first thing to do is remove the customers’ old concrete curb. We use our mini skid steer, the Vermeer 925, for this. Attaching a grappler to the machine, we grasp the concrete and pull it off the ground. Raising the heavy concrete off the ground is no problem for the Vermeer’s 925 lb lifting force. The powerful loader arms of the 925 have strength to spare as they move the concrete over to our hauling truck. Peace by piece, we lift the concrete and lower it onto our truck bed. After we’re done with the concrete, it’s time to lay down the crushed stone.

Actually, there is one more very important step before we spread the stone. We need to level the ground so that we get an even coat of stone as we lay it down. To do this, we use another attachment with our mini skid steer, the leveler. This powerful tool slices the ground with three parallel-oriented blades to level hills and fill in trenches in the soil. After we’re done leveling the ground, it’s actually time to bring out the crushed stone.

This step is where the ‘mini’ in mini skid steer really shines. We are only able to pour out the crushed stone and spread it out so well because the mini skid steer fits in tight spaces like this. A bobcat or another full-size machine would not fit in a small driveway like this. But our humble little Vermeer easily occupies the space and gets the job done! Using the leveler again we smooth the stone until it’s perfect. And when it is, we’re done! Remember, it’s 317-784-8760 to get in touch with us, or if you prefer email.

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