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Dirt Removal

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Dirt Removal...did you think that someone actually offered that as a service?! Yes! In the summer months, this may be one of the top requests we get at Schott Services next to gravel driveway repair and junk removal. Indianapolis residents must really like making mounds of dirt in their yards. Actually, Indianapolis has been on a mission over the past several years to clean up our waterways and streams. With the Big Dig "underway" (pun intended!) to divert rainwater and our city wanting to get everyone connected to city sewer many homeowners are left with a large mound in their front yard. This is where one of the many services of Schott Services comes into action. Our customers have called us to haul away loads of dirt over the years due to having sewer work completed in their yards. Once the excavation is complete and your septic tank filled in with sand you want to wait 3-6 months to let the dirt to settle back into the trench. Then our team led by John Schott will get your back in order! With all the many yard grading and power raking tools in our arsenal, we will level your yard and get it smooth again. Most times we can just spread out the dirt in your yard. But, if there is a large quantity of dirt leftover then we can haul it away. We will reuse your dirt as backfill on another project or recycle to turn into topsoil/compost! So, if you have a dirt problem and not sure what to do with this video for a great option! Call/text John Schott 317-784-8760

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