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Video: Complete Lot Clearing! Ivy, Fence, and Shed Removal by Schott Services

Updated: 5 days ago

Our job site today is a compact backyard, where we’ll be demolishing an old shed and clearing out some brush. It is a complete lot clearing of backyard. The owner wanted us to remove this stuff in order to get as much open space as possible in the backyard. Need some junk removed? For a free price estimate just call us at 317-784-8760 or email us at

So how can we remove all this junk? Getting rid of all this debris manually would take a lot of time. So, what’s the solution? Enter our trusty mini skid steer! This efficient landscaping machine swiftly and safely gathers up the brush for hauling. It also easily demolishes the fence behind the brush, which the customer also wanted us to remove. Next we need to fell a tree that is sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the yard. We easily chop down the tree with a chainsaw. Then everything we just collected into a pile goes off to the truck for hauling.

Next we move to the fence on the side. This fence separates this yard from the neighbor’s, standing right on the property line. We remove the fence and find a layer of bricks underneath it, acting as support. We remove those with our bucket attachment on our mini skid steer, only to find another layer underneath them! Even more bricks that need to be removed. But that’s not a problem, and is actually fairly common around here. When different people have been living in this house for over a century, it makes sense that they would build on top of older installations over time.

Once again, we use our bucket attachment to dig out the bricks, and we move them to our truck for hauling. Almost done! We just have to remove the shed and clean up the site. We use our grapple to demolish the shed, making sure not to let any planks or beams fall on top of us. Once the shed is in pieces small enough for us to move around, we transport them to our truck. Now we just need to clean up.

We dig out a couple stumps and remove any junk left on the ground. Then we level the backyard with our leveler, concluding this job. Got some junk you need removed? Get a free price estimate by calling us at 317-784-8760 or sending an email to

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