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Colossal Concrete Collection: Driveway Cleared of Concrete

We’re doing a massive concrete clearing today on a driveway. The concrete has seen lots of service and is parched and cracked. We’re going to remove this concrete to make way for a driveway to be installed. Contact 317-784-8760 or with questions or requests.

Let’s set the stage for this concrete removal. The area is a wide but short driveway that leads into a garage. On the other side of the driveway is a section of gravel, which leads to the road. It’s a good thing that there’s a gravel section! We can set up shop there without blocking the road. So on the gravel is where we park our hauling truck and equipment.

The process for this concrete removal is quite simple. We just need to pick up the concrete slabs and dump them into our truck. In fact, it’s really the same as taking slices of pizza out of the pizza box, except that the slices are huge and ridiculously heavy! Seriously, who decided that concrete should weigh so much? Because of the weight, it would take hours to move each slab of concrete into the truck by hand, so we need a solution. That’s where our Vermeer mini skid steer comes in. With our Vermeer and the versatile stump bucket attachment (which is good for more than just stumps!) we expertly relocate each slab into the truck. Only for the final slab do we need to use another tool. The last chunk of concrete stubbornly refuses to move, so we get out our concrete breaker and hammer the concrete into smaller fragments. These smaller chunks are no problem for our mini skid steer, and with them securely in the truck, we’re done. On to the next job! Remember to get in touch with 317-784-8760 or

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