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Brush Cutter Mows Through Overgrown Ditch

The grass cutters couldn’t mow the tall grass in this ditch, so we’re here to take care of it! There are lots of different weeds growing in the ditch such as cattails, honeysuckle, and some young hardwood trees. We’re going to open up our customer's yard by brush cutting through all these weeds. Contact 317-784-8760 or and we’ll take care of all your landscaping needs.

The attachment we’re using for this job is our powerful brush cutter tool. It mows over the overgrown weeds without issue, reducing them to compostable green waste. The only issue is the cattails. They have tough, fibrous stalks, and resist being shredded by our brush cutter. Instead, they just get knocked out of the brush cutter’s way and onto the ground. We’ll have to haul them away, as they won’t decompose by themselves.

To haul the freshly-cut weeds, we switch to our root grapple attachment. It scoops up the weeds no problem. We transfer them to our hauling truck.

Remember the hardwood trees I mentioned earlier? After cutting them down, the stumps were still there. So now we need to take them out. To do that, we switch attachments once again to our stump grinder, which is aptly named as it expertly grinds out these stumps. We work through each of the stumps until all that’s left of them is some sawdust.

Finally, we smooth out the ground, as we always do. The leveler attachment flattens out the earth as best it can, which unfortunately isn’t as good as some other times because the ground is muddy. But once the area dries out it’ll naturally flatten out some more. With the tall grass out of the way, mowing this area will be no problem for the grass cutters! If you need some brush or foliage cut, contact 317-784-8760 or and we’ll take care of all your landscaping problems.

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