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"Transform Your Outdoor Space: The Ultimate Guide to Honeysuckle Removal and Before/After Video"

Updated: Mar 16

Watch this video and see the honeysuckle removal process in full detail! It seems like the honeysuckle melts away. There’s lots of undergrowth throughout this whole property. It spans the whole length of the site and makes the backyard look much smaller than it actually is. We’re going to clear out the whole undergrowth, removing all the brush and vines. This will dramatically open up the property, giving some much-need room to breathe! We do all sorts of landscaping jobs at Schott Services, including brush/foliage removal, grading, driveway installation, and so much more! Reach out at 317-784-8760 or for a quick and easy estimate on price!

Removing this foliage may seem daunting because of how much space it occupies, but really it’s no problem for our machine! The powerful Vermeer 925 Mini Skid Steer plows through all the branches, leaves, and roots with ease thanks to our brush cutter attachment. The brush cutter grinds up the plant matter with a rotary blade and turns it to mulch. The plants are no match for the crunch of the brush cutter! As the bushes fall, we mow them over with the brush cutter. The attachment works on both branches and leaves!

After we’ve mulched all the bushes, we need to pull out all the vines hanging from the trees above. To do this we switch our attachment to the root grapple, grip the vines tightly, and snag them, pulling them out of the trees. This is a snap for our machine!

Next up is grinding out the bushes’ stumps. We get to work with our stump grinder attachment. With some finesse, we are able to grind out the stumps. However, it becomes clear that it would be more efficient to dig them out with our root grapple, so we switch to that attachment and dig out the remaining stumps.

While digging them out we start cleaning the site, which is still covered in the mulch from the bushes and branches. We collect all the mulch with our root grapple and deposit it into our hauling truck. Finally, we grade the ground and put down new grass seed. Then we cover the earth with a layer of straw. This will protect the seed as it grows into new grass! Remember to get in touch with us at 317-784-8760 or for a free estimate on price.


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