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Back Yard Brush Clearing and Yard Expansion in Indianapolis!

Schott Services provides a great service of clearing out unwanted honeysuckle and overgrown brush in your backyard! In this video, the customer had about 20x80 foot area in the back portion of their lot that was unused space. With an already small backyard they wanted to make the most out of their entire property!

With our brush cutting equipment we can clear large areas of unwanted vegetation in short time. If you compare our forestry mulcher to a crew of 5-7. There is no comparison in the efficiency of removing the brush. Which only means savings to our customers in getting the job done right the first time. And, our equipment is powerful enough to remove large logs and trees that have fallen down in the past. We can clear your lot down to bare dirt and have ready for spring! We can even provide seeding and straw installation to have your unused space back to a beautiful yard!

I started my business in 2003. I have been serving the greater Indianapolis area in the brush removal, lot clearing, vegetation control and forestry mulching services. Schott Services is a local, family operated business with a bright future ahead. My wife and I have a growing family with 7 kids! Let us help you get your yard under control and beautiful again!

Thank you!

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