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Amazing Decking Removal Tool...we have one and would like to test it out!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

So, removing decking is extremely difficult. But, we have found the ultimate tool to remove deck boards in very little time. It's very satisfying and in some ways therapeutic! Have you ever watched those satisfying this video!

Do you need to replace the deck boards on your deck or outdoor patio? Please let us do it and watch how fast it can be done. Now, anyone can do this but what to do with the waste once it's all peeled up? This is where even more work is takes place. We will dismantle your decking, haul it to our ultimate capacity truck/trailer and take it away. We provide Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Beownsburg, Avon and Greenwood residents with decking removal services. We can even demolish and haul away your entire deck including the frame and footers!

Hire a company that has been doing it since 2003, highly rated with online reviews and does what they say they will do. With John Schott at the helmet, you will know you are getting the highest quality deck removal service available! It's our goal to achieve your highest praise simply by coming out to do a days worth of hard work. We are a no-frills, no-pushy sales gimmicks, honest to goodness junk removal and light demolition company.

When the time comes and your decking needs replaced you now have a name you can trust...Schott Services! Truly, we enjoy what we do and it shows on every job we perform. We show up with smiles on our face and want to earn every dollar that is meant to be earned!

Call or text 317-784-8760


Thank you for reading and watching!

John Schott

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