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Above Ground Pool Demolition and Haul Away by Schott Services

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The pool we’re demolishing today is old and isn’t suitable for swimming in anymore. All it does is take up valuable space, so we’re going to free up that space by taking it apart.

The deck that surrounds this pool is old like the pool and so the wood has begun to rot. In the video it’s clear that the wood isn’t in great shape as cracks in the planks have appeared on the wood which has dried out and become brittle over time. These cracks make the wood unsafe to walk on because they form splinters that break off from the wood and harm whoever is walking on the planks. Obviously, this deck isn’t safe to step on anymore, so it’s important to remove it. If you have a build on your property that you don’t think is safe, don’t hesitate to contact us at 317-784-8760 (call or text) or for a free estimate on the price of a removal.

We need to remove the wooden fence around the deck. We could take it apart manually by dissolving the glue and removing the nails, but that would take lots of time, and would be totally unnecessary. It would also be somewhat hazardous because of the splinters in the wood. Instead, we take advantage of the brittleness of the wood and use a chainsaw to cut it up. The chainsaw makes quick work of the old and fragile wooden fence, saving the customer time on the deck removal.

There is a bench on the old wooden deck, which we need to disassemble. This bench has a wooden shade above it, which we take down first. Then we remove the support beams holding up the bench. After sawing off the support beams, removing the bench is just a matter of hauling it away, as it is no longer connected to the pool’s deck.

After part of the deck is gone, there is an opening to the pool itself. Because this job is a demolition and not a deconstruction, we don’t need to worry about keeping anything intact, and we can wreck the old pool without a problem. To perform the pool demolition in the most efficient way, we use our Vermeer 925 Mini Skid Steer and a grappler attachment, which you can learn some more about here ( and fold up the pool for hauling.

Finally, we can do the deck removal itself. This final part of the job is pretty simple, because we use the Vermeer 925 and the grappler again to carry the remaining parts of the deck to our truck to haul away.

In the end, the only remnant of the old deck and pool is a patch of bare soil, ready for replanting. If you have an old above-ground pool or an old deck that you need demolished, just give us a ring or text us at 317-784-8760 or email us at for a free estimate on the price of a demolition like this.

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